10 Amazing Maps That Explain America, #2 Is Crazy!

This collection of U.S maps shows the country in amazing new ways.

From what America would look like on the Moon or in Pangaea, to the areas of the United States where nobody lives, these maps of America are simply mesmerizing.

1. The United States with the moon.

moon america map

via Reddit

2. America’s highest paid public employees by state.

america map

via deadspin.com

3. What the United States would look like when Pangaea was whole.

pangea america

via eatrio.net

4. If the world’s population lived in one city, based on the density of that city.


via persquaremile.com

5. The past 10 years of drought in America.

Drought America Map

via Washington Post/U.S. Drought Monitor

6. Where nobody lives in the United States.

america map no population

via mapsbynik.tumblr.com

7. Map of the United States’ river system.


via Nelson Minar

8. Earthquakes around the world since 1898.

earthqake map
via John Nelson

9. Global Internet Usage Based on Time of Day.


via Carna Botnet/Reddit

10. America’s most popular languages, other than English or Spanish.

america language

via ispol.com