10 of the Dumbest Things on Amazon

From the bizarre to the plain stupid, here are 10 of the dumbest things we could find on Amazon.com.

1. Unicorn Meat! Now with extra sparkle!

Unicorn Meat

And in case you were wondering what the cuts were…

Unicorn Meat 2


2. If unicorn isn’t your thing, try Canned Dragon Meat!

Dragon Meat


3. Sick of canned food? Try something fresh, like a fresh pressed duck made with your very own duck carcass press!

Duck Press

4. Cooking with Coolio! Become a 5-star chef with brilliant chapters such as “How to Become a Kitchen Pimp,” “Chillin’ and Grillin’,” and “Pasta Like a Rasta.”

Cooking with Coolio

5. Keep your bathroom classy with Black Toilet Paper!

Black Toilet Paper

6. Move over G.I. Joe, Jesus is all the rage! Jesus Action Figure Deluxe is sure to triumph over evil!

Jesus Action Figure

7. Face/Butt Soap! Because you can never be too sure…

Butt Face Soap

8. Give the Gift of Nothing! Perfect for anyone who has everything!
Gift of Nothing

9. Need a quick pick-me-up? Try drinking some Cocaine! Because why not name an energy drink that?

Cocaine Energy Drink

10. And finally, the Large Vinyl Gender Neutral Asian, which obviously needs no explanation.

Large Vinyl Gender Neutral Asian