17 Incredibly Freaky Chemical Reaction GIFs, Because Science

chemical gifs

1. Mercury thiocyanate decomposition.

2. A neodymium magnet falling through a copper pipe.

3. Flammable fluid in a glass jug.

4. A firework explosion in slow motion.

5. Lithium on fire.

6. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with potassium iodide.

7. A candle lit by its vapor trail.

8. Sodium polyacrylate and water.

9. Two identical clouds of smoke pushed against each other.

10. A vacuum is created in an empty tank.

11. A kernel of corn popping.

12. Snake venom interacting with blood.

13. A slinky dropping in slow motion.

14. Supercooled water poured on ice.

15. Mercury reacting with aluminum.

16. Hydrophobic sand placed underwater.

17. Magnetic putty sucking in a metal cube.