How Do Penguins Poop? The answer may surprise you…

penguin pooping

Here are some great facts and videos showing one amazing pooper, the penguin.

Below is a figure showing the pressure at which a penguin can poo. Beyond all discoveries, this must be known by the world.

The basic principle is penguins do not want to poop where they nest. Thus a longer projectile the better.

But let’s dig deeper. The pressures penguin poo generates when launching liquid is around 10 kPa (77 mm Hg). When a more “olive oil” type substance is expelled it’s pressurized around 60 kPa (450 mm Hg).

penguin poo pressure

Meyer-Rochow, V., & Gal, J. (2003). Pressures produced when penguins pooh?calculations on avian defaecation Polar Biology, 27 (1), 56-58 DOI:

Now see it in action!

Now take a closer look!