Prosecutors Pursue Poo-petrator for Pushing Poo through Mailbox

Feces Mail Slot

A man is facing charges for defecating on a family’s doorstep and shoving poop through their mailbox.

After a long period of harassment, the family set up CCTV and caught the poo-petrator, Damian Ayles, 23, in the act.

Prosecutors said, “He is seen walking up to the door, pulling down his trousers and squatting on their doorstep.”

“This has had a significant impact on the family who have three children who have been frightened.”

In previous incidents, the man defecated outside the property and had smeared poo on cars in the driveway. The feces rampage began last April as part of a long running feud.

His sentencing isĀ March 23 and he’s placedĀ on house arrest until then.